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The Frustrations - Negative Reflections (X! Records)

Dark, almost druggy, this ain’t punk rock, just beautifully broken noise.


  • X! Records

The black sheep of Detroit's punk farm, this trio once distinguished itself on earlier releases with unrestrained psych and noise rock. Reflections mines darker, almost druggier mother lodes — there's outright haunt-rocking songs that include references to "subconscious whores," "nausea-suffocation," "ransacked soul(s)" and acne self-operation. The Twilight Zone-like riffs on "No Repair" lift to siren-like screams. No, this ain't punk rock, it's not exactly noise-rock, nor is it metal; it's fast, lean and gangly, even atonal and droney — a strange meditation built on beautifully broken noise.