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Ty Segall - Twins (Drag City)

This Ty Segall fellow must be really turned on by feedback


  • Drag City

Ty Segall must be really turned on feedback. We'd bet that most fans of those old psyche-pop Nuggets comps will find a kindred spirit in this singer-songwriter, whose swirling melodies smack of sunny psychedelia, and would be clap-along bubblegum at points if not for a heavy haze of distortion and echo-effects. Segall's voice provides the upper register, his breathy wail offsetting the down-and-dirty riffs and grooves. Throughout this fifth release from this San Francisco-sprouted twentysomething, the terrible purr of his guitar persists in the background, sporadically swelling during crescendos, and that's when the drums go into demolition mode. Segall's guttural approach works: He gets in and out in three minutes, belting out dark, nihilistic ballads about coming of age in a post-everything world — with a lot of feedback, naturally. —Jeff Milo