Unwanted Touchdown: A Corktown Tavern Super Bowl Party

When: Sun., Feb. 1 2015

Did somebody say there was a “TV party tonight”? There is at the Corktown Tavern, where Jimmy Doom has been working the bar Sundays, catering to all his football-loving fans. He urges folks to come by before kick-off, which will continue through the game, becoming what Doom calls “a more traditional, good-old-football, pop-star, Pepsi-and-Bud commercial, screaming-for-a-safety-so-you-can-hit-your-square party.” Through it all, you’ll have Jimmy, ready to wet your whistle. “I plan on making sure all the squares get paid out,” he says, “and being the guy licking the last of the bean dip from the chafing tray.”