Up on the roof

Best Place to Find Parking Downtown
Cobo Roof

Ah, yes, only in Detroit would one of the largest parking lots have a spectacular river view (that is, if you’re standing on the roof of your car). I would also note that MT readers voted the Best Spot for Outdoor Sex to be “on a rooftop.” As such, the Cobo Roof might very well be considered the best spot for parking downtown and having outdoor sex, for those so inclined. Perhaps, in a nod to Potsie Weber, the line “do you wanna go down to Cobo and watch the submarine races?” will take on new meaning as part of our local lexicon.

Parking occupies a pre-eminent position in Detroit’s unfortunate streetscape. Meter maids are zealots in every sense of the word, and, in our version of “the (un)welcome wagon,” most visitors to our city will undoubtedly be hit with a fat parking ticket for their troubles. Why is it that the worst-run big cities always have the best-run parking squads? Moreover, if you want to avoid our parking commandos, awaiting you are acres of pockmarked, overpriced surface lots with ramshackle guard booths scattered all over downtown; their black holes of asphalt devouring any hope of an urban zeitgeist. City planners still adhere to the build-more-garages-and-have-more-spaces school of thought, and new structures are cropping up like weeds these days. This is related to the widen-the-freeways-to-ease-congestion philosophy. Unfortunately, the wider the freeways, the more cars on the road, the more congestion we get. Sort of a downward spiral of crumbling concrete — not unlike the exit from the Cobo Roof. Here’s a suggestion: Why not build structures and freeways and invest in a little good, old-fashioned mass transit? You know, the kind real cities have? Ponder that next time you’re having sex on the Cobo Roof.