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Wagging tongues



Talk editor-in-chief Tina Brown launched a new column in the September issue of her mag with an item that touches close to home. Referring to a birthday party thrown by someone identified only as a “press baron,” Brown relates this toast given by the host:
“And now I would like us all to raise our glasses a second time to a business leader in New York who has absolute integrity and the support of all of us here tonight. I mean, of course, none other that A. Alfred Taubman.”

Here in Motown we well know that Al made his multimillions as a mall king. But the upraised champagne glasses had to do with his role as the former chairman of the auction house Sotheby’s, which remains embroiled in allegations of price fixing. Amid all the hurrahs, Brown asked her dinner date what to make of the toast.

“It means,” she quoted him as saying, “that our friend Alfred is in deep shit.”

My, my, my, how some people do Talk.

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