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What, no "Barney Miller"?

Ever wonder what keeps Detroit's finest focused? Would you believe a nightly dose of family humor?

A mandatory visit to the Special Operations Division for the Detroit Police Departments 1st Precinct under Hart Plaza a balmy summer evening would leave anyone feeling a bit on edge. But when a Metro Times intern arrived on the scene to report a minor fender bender, those fears were soon put to rest by the soft glow from the 20-inch TV in the main office and the familial lull of the comforting voices of Joey, Jesse, Danny and the girls from "Full House."

Guess that explains why the only visible entrance is marked police only.

Hearing this, one of the old hands here on the news desk patiently explained to the cub reporter that the viewing was probably part of mandatory sensitivity training designed to reduce the number of innocent citizens abused by the guys and gals in blue. And since, as Danny says, one good turn deserves another, we recommend the good folks at Special Ops direct their browsers to the Full House Forever Web site at That is, if they can find the time. Prema Oza contributed to News Hits, which is edited by Curt Guyette