Whitford/ St. Holmes

When: Fri., Nov. 13, 7 p.m. 2015

Here is a real taste of rock ’n’ roll history for you. Brad Whitford plays rhythm guitar for a band you might have heard of called Aersomith. Derek St. Holmes has played guitar with Ted Nugent off and on for decades. Whether St. Holmes shares the same outrageous views as the Nooodge, he’s an absolute craftsman on the axe. Whitford and St. Holmes met while playing the smaller stadium circuit in the mid-1970s, before both became superstars. Their chemistry and prowess will be in full effect during this evening of classy, heavy-duty riffing and rocking and fretboard wailing. True fans of classic rock do not want to miss this one.

Price: $25 ADV - $30 DOS