Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant and Bar Menu Image

The restaurant, which has a twin in Ann Arbor (2222 Hogback Rd., 734-971-5168), serves both sushi and an extensive menu of cooked foods. The standard Japanese meal includes soup, rice, pickles and usually three other dishes, each cooked a different way. Each dish is served separately and presented beautifully. You can choose from a list of 41 appetizers, eight salads and eight soups, all of them sized generously. It shouldn’t be necessary to add that the salad, like everything else, is lovely to look at. The colors complement each other as well as the tastes do. Equally wonderful on the eyes and on the tongue is gyoza (dumpling) soup, with a subtly spicy broth, thin slices of pink-edged fish paste and a poached egg. Karaoke begins after 10:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, with a selection ranging from North and South America to Asia.