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"Sleep of the evening, beautiful sleep" — well, not everybody gets to fulfill this dream of sweet repose. Many of us, women in particular it seems, report less than satisfying nights of tossing and turning, fretting and sweating, in search of that elusive trance. Detroiter Linda Soberman, one of four photographers in "Detroit and New York," the current show at the Marygrove Gallery, offers a pamphlet of words in support of images ("Restless Sleep," pictured) that call up that painful nocturnal lack. Joining her in an installation of variously manipulated photographs are New Yorkers Denise Oehl, Robert Oehl and Minna Resnick, until Dec. 15 at Marygrove College’s Liberal Arts Building, 8425 W. McNichols, Detroit. Call 313-927-1336. George Tysh is the Metro Times arts editor. E-mail him at