Whaaaat? Detroit escapes a national worst-of list?


Not even the killer crack corners over in Highland Park? Nope. The  mugger movements and nightly rat-a-tats in the Van Dyke and Six Mile area? 'Friad not.  What about that no-man's land on Hamilton south of Puritan? Not even, dude.

No,  Neighborhoodscout.com and WalletPop report that according to FBI info culled from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, Detroit is glaringly absent on the list of 2010's America's 25 most dangerous neighborhoods.


No shit.

Chicago aced the top spot for its W. Lake Street neighborhood, where in a single year you've a one-in-four chance of becoming a victim.  Kudos to Vegas for snagging three spots in the Top 10! Memphis, Cleveland, Atlanta and Louisville also did well on the list.

So give it up for the D! (Or flip the page before  some clerical error is revealed. ...)