Wanna buy a foreclosed house in Wayne County? This can help


If anyone is considering buying tax-foreclosed properties being auctioned off by Wayne County starting Oct. 21, you will want to know about a new tool being made available on line by the local nonprofit group Data Driven Detroit.

The free tool was created to make it easier for community groups, neighborhood organizations and residents to buy tax foreclosed properties and help fend off blight, but it is being made available for anyone to use, says Gregory Parrish, D3’s technical manager.

“Our basic mission is to try to do interesting things with data for neighborhood and community organizing,” says Parrish.

A link to all the properties to be auctioned off by the county is on the treasurer’s website. The advantage of D3’s tool, among other things, is that people can actually see the particular properties being auctioned off. They can also look for properties in specific neighborhoods.

We checked out and found it to be both easy to use and very informative.

The registration deadline for the auction is Friday, Oct. 14. The auction, which is only held online, begins Oct. 21 and runs through Oct. 27.