Are There Demonic Messages In Tigers Broadcasts?


Don't listen to Tigers broadcasts ... because they could be "coded" with evil "messages." That's what Raulie Wayne Casteel, the subject in a 2012 highway shooting incident, is telling authorities. From The Detroit News:

Under cross-examination by assistant state attorney general Gregory Townsend, Casteel insisted that he carried a handgun to protect his family and himself and while he knows guns can injure people, it was never his intent to kill anyone or to terrorize anyone but was “instantaneous.”

Casteel said one of the shootings occurred while he was listening to a Tigers baseball game on his car radio and suffered anxiety at seeing a “long line of cars” driving in his direction.

He said he recalled listening to one pre-game broadcast discussing baseball hitters “aiming at shadows” or “shooting at shadows.”

“To me it meant shooting at cars,” he said.

Hmmm. The old Tigers logo does look kind of evil ...