Deadline nearing for Midtown Viaducts Public Art project


Hey, Detroit's creative class — if you haven't already, there's still time to submit a proposal for the Midtown Viaducts project. The project will give two railroad bridges, located between Baltimore and Amsterdam streets in TechTown, a much-needed makeover.

According to Midtown Detroit, Inc:

Originally constructed in 1934, these once magnificent viaducts have been poorly maintained over the years and lack adequate lighting, contributing to unsafe perceptions of the district. This call seeks to give these industrial bridges new life—making them a choice destination rather than a place to pass through.

Accepted proposals will be funded up to $75,000 per viaduct. Applicants may provide proposals for either one or both viaducts. If applying for both viaducts, proposals may treat each viaduct as two separate installations or visually connect the two viaducts with a cohesive design.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of Detroit-based curators and arts professionals. The deadline's April 30 — so get to work!