Wonder Woman is filming scenes for Batman Vs. Superman in Birmingham



If you’re an Amazonian superhero, a princess capable of wooing Superman away from Lois Lane and extracting the truth via a magical whip, then where in Metro Detroit are you going to hang out? Birmingham, of course.

ComicBookMovies.com posted a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman outside the Google office in downtown Birmingham, and then later a closer look. Gadot is in Diana Prince mode (i.e. not in WW costume), but she certainly looks the part. We still don’t know how big a role she will be playing in the upcoming Man of Steel 2 (aka Superman Vs. Batman) movie, but the fact that she will be involved is reason enough to be excited. Lynda Carter, star of the Wonder Woman TV show in the ’70s, has left some pretty big shows to fill, but Gadot surely can’t do any worse than Cathy Lee Crosby, the tennis star who portrayed the character in the ’74 pilot.

The buzz now will be all about the Wonder Women costume. We’ve already had a glimpse of the Bat-suit, and it looks great. We’re finally going to see the DC big three of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman together, live action. And it’s all happening in Metro Detroit.

It does make you wonder which fictional DC city is being filmed in Birmingham. Metropolis would be the smart bet, with downtown Detroit a far more suitable Gotham. A Justice League movie is in the works to follow immediately so, assuming that film is also made here, which metro Detroit cities would make for a good Star(ling) City, Central City, and even Atlantis? We’re rooting for Royal Oak for Central City and Dearborn for Star City. What do you think?