Spike Lee to watch his own movie at Cinetopia



If you’re unfamiliar with the Cinetopia International Film Festival, it brings the best films from other festivals, like Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance, Berlin and SXSW to Ann Arbor. Running from June 4 through 8, the fest will feature 50 films, with over 100 screenings in ten different venues. Cinetopia also offers fun and educational programs in addition to the film screenings.

For example, the Cinema Circus is a free program that features performances by the Detroit Flyhouse and a movie screening in locations all around Detroit. If you’re seeking something with more educational fiber, the University of Michigan is hosting a symposium with John Sayles (The Brother from Another Planet, Piranha).

Perhaps the biggest draw in terms of Cinetopia’s extracurricular activities is the screening of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing which, in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary. The auteur himself will even attend. The event will be held at the Michigan Theater on Friday, June 6. However, seating is limited to 200 and is invite only.

Now, you’re asking yourself, “How do I score passes to this sweet event?” Well, there are two ways. When you purchase a pass to the Cinetopia Festival, you are automatically entered to win a pair of tickets. To guarantee your entrance into this event, though, simply shell out a thousand clams for a Personal Sponsorship Pass.

Do the Right Thing earned Lee his first Academy Award nomination and is responsible for launching the careers of Rosie Perez and Martin Lawrence. It is unclear if the director will speak at the screening (festival organizers has not responded to our query), but Lee will be in attendance to bask in his own genius. Whether or not you’ve yet to forgive Spike Lee for remaking Oldboy, this is an opportunity to view an important film and possibly gain some insight from the director.