Detroit bankruptcy judge: DWSD water shutoffs causing 'bad publicity' for city




Steven Rhodes (credit: U-M)

The U.S. bankruptcy judge overseeing Detroit's Chapter 9 case today called upon the city's water department to enact a better plan to inform residents who face imminent shutoffs.

Addressing Darryl Latimer, deputy director of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, Judge Steven Rhodes said the water shutoffs, which began in March, have caused "a lot of bad publicity for the city it doesn't need right now." From the Detroit News:

“I’m sure it has not escaped your attention — two things — your residential shutoff program has caused not only a lot of anger in the city and also a lot of hardship, right?” Rhodes asked Darryl Latimer, Detroit water deputy director. “Secondly, it’s caused a lot of bad publicity for the city it doesn’t need right now.”

The judge ordered Latimer to return to court Monday with a more detailed plan on what residents facing water shutoffs can do to address the issue before their service is cut.