Poll shows Bob Ficano behind in Wayne County Executive race




Bob Ficano, Wayne County Executive (courtesy of Wayne County)

If a poll released this week is any indication of how the August 5 primary election will turn out, current Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano has reason to worry, Fox 2 reports.

Ficano, who's seeking a third term, polled in fourth place -- behind former Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans, Westland Mayor Bill Wild and Wayne County Commissioner Phil Cavanaugh, according to Fox 2.

The poll by Strategic Solutions LLC, showed 6.7 percent of respondents said they'd vote for Ficano, which isn't so bad: He finished ahead of County Commissioner Kevin McNamara (who came in at No. 6) and someone literally described as "a candidate not named here" (who polled at No. 5.)

If you're planning to head to the polls -- which you should! -- and need some input on the candidates and ballot proposals, you can readĀ for our election coverage in this week's Metro Times.