Winners announced for the 'High Times' Medical Cannabis Cup




Photo courtesy High Times.

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is more than just a celebration although with the recent shift in attitudes toward marijuana legalization, there certainly is much to celebrate.  HT's Danny Danko described it as "just like any other harvest festival or a county fair where people bring their best produce, their best pigs and horses and cows, and they compete with each other for bragging rights, basically." Here are a list of winners from this year's Cannabis Cup:


1ST - Oasis Medical Seeds - Paris OG

2ND - Herbal Solutions - Alien Dawg F2

3RD - Herban Legendz, LLC - Grape OX


1ST - Arborside Compassion - CATFISH

2ND - Organibliss - Ghost Train Haze #1

3RD - We Grow Education and Collective Centers - MelonGum


1ST - Herbal Solutions - Gorilla Glue

2ND - Pure West Compassion Club - Death Star

3RD - Kushman Veganics for Buds & Roses - Veganic Candyland


1ST - Mr. B's Extracts - Raskal's Lemon

2ND - 710 Savant - Kosher Kush Dewaxed

3RD - Oasis Medical / Vader Extracts / Dab Vader - Candy Jack Shatter

Non-Solvent Hash

1ST - NLG - Jedi Kush Ice Wax

2ND - Arborside Compassion - HeadCandy Kush Hash

3RD - New World Seeds Resource Center - Northern Hash Plant Hash


1ST - DepoTown - Captain Kirks' Lime in the Coconut

2ND - Metro Detroit Compassion Club Inc. - Special Fx Labs - Dark Chocolate Mint - Quad Chunk

3RD - Arborside Compassion - Arborside Delights Gorilla Paw


Flowers - Detroit Nutrient Company / IDK Farms - Canatonic

Concentrates - CANNA Vest / care of Michigan Hemp Company - Concentrated Hemp Oil "CBD"

Edibles - MTG - Flower of Life Extract CBD Pills w/ Vernon Phillips

Best Booth

1ST - Vader Extracts


3RD - Pure West Compassion Club

Best Product

1ST - Dab Stix by Dab Stix

2ND - Dabkins by Dabkins

3RD - Terpp Extractors by Terpp Extractors

Best Glass

1ST - Nexus Glass by Nexus Glass

2ND - Torched Glass Art by Torched Glass Art

3RD - Silika Double Recycler by Silika Glass

Check out more information from the Cannabis Cup winners at High Times. Read our report from day one here.