Big Ten Network promotes MSU Community Music School



While watching football games this season on the Big Ten Network, you might notice featurettes highlighting the good deeds done by schools in the conference. The BTN's LiveBIG campaign focuses on one institution at a time, specifically reporting on one way said institution is serving the community. Sections that were cut from full LiveBIG episodes — due to time constrictions — are played in-game. For example, while watching the Penn State Nittany Lions take on the Wildcats of Northwestern this coming Saturday, you might see a story about a Penn State student's clean water service in India. 

Recently, the BTN released a LiveBIG portion spotlighting Michigan State University and the work they've done to bring music education back to inner-city kids. The MSU Community Music School has been providing affordable music education in the city of Detroit for toddlers, teens, and tweens alike since 2009. The school's director, Jill Woodward, says, "Music's not available in school the way it used to be. People here see the value in learning about music, but they also recognize how that kind of education builds character."

Music education is important for many reasons. Not only does it instill creativity and individuality within students, but the extracurricular activity encourages kids to spend their time more wisely. While it might seem like pandering, it's good to see a media outlet showcasing the ways in which its own community is serving others. With one stone, the Big Ten Network promotes the MSU Community Music School and inspires its audience to serve their own community.