Vox answers basic questions on Detroit's bankruptcy


  • Wikimedia Commons

Over the weekend, Vox.com, a news site founded by former Washington Post wunkerkind Ezra Klein, pieced together a story on Detroit's bankruptcy that answers some questions "you were too embarrassed to ask." For instance, "Where did all the money go?"

Sure, since launching this year, Klein's outlet has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism over Vox.com's editorial mission to explain things simply and in a digestible format. (In response to negative comments from other media outlets, Klein quipped to New York, "I am ecstatic over that kind of mockery.") In this case — something complex like municipal bankruptcy, and exactly how and why a major city ended up filing for bankruptcy — the style works. Really, it's not the easiest topic for the layman to grasp. 

So, if you still have some questions about how Detroit ended up in such dire straits, start with the Vox.com guide. And, if you want an easy-to-read timeline on the lead-up to Detroit's bankruptcy, as Vox.com's Danielle Kurtzleben suggests, check out Metro Times' rundown from earlier this year