Break Out brings the first escape room attraction to Michigan



Have you ever been locked in a room with several strangers, having only teamwork and your wits to get you out? It''s very likely that no, you haven't, because until now, no such place has existed in Michigan. 

Room escape games have yet to take the nation by storm. In fact, there are very few cities that can boast such an attraction, which makes the new location in Michigan all the more special.
Break Out have planted their flag, so to speak, in Ferndale. The location sits in an unassuming, but charming, office complex, which it shares with several other businesses, on Hilton Road. Typically, with these escape games, the room has a theme. For Break Out's first room, they've chosen the circus as the theme, creating the Ringmaster's Den.

After a short briefing explaining the essential details of the game, the players are led into the room. Once everyone is in, the door is locked. To add dramatic effect, the knob on the inside has been removed. At this point, a timer in the corner begins counting down from an hour and the players are left to find clues that will lead to their escape.

The game's puzzle is elaborately constructed, compelling the players to completely immerse themselves in the experience. In order to succeed, the players need to work together, finding clues and putting them together to see how they create a bigger picture.

Solving the clues and getting out becomes the only focus. Time slips away as you rack your brain, and before you know it, thirty minutes have passed. Tension and adrenaline levels rise as the seconds tick away. As you piece things together, excitement grows urging the group to work more cohesively toward the common goal, outsmarting the Ringmaster.

Break Out have created an experience that is totally interactive and challenging. Most importantly though, the Ringmaster's Den is so much fun, you'll want to play again right after you've finished.