This zombie comic-themed soda is the weirdest Detroit product yet


Before there were the hugely popular The Walking Dead comics and the rest of pop culture's current obsession with zombies, there was Deadworld. Originally published by Ypsilanti's Arrow Comics in 1986, the cult series will get revived in a strange new form: Deadworld Premium Zombie Soda ("All natural for the un-natural").

Talent from Towne Club, McFarlane toys, and Caliber Comics, Michigan's largest comics publisher are behind this zombie-themed beverage, which is being distributed by the new Detroit-based company, Caprice brands. The product line will feature 12 different flavors ("Brain Sap," "Graveyard Delight," and "Rot Berry" among them), with labels designed by 40 different artists for a total of 48 variations. 

Zombie-themed soda? Have we finally reached "peak zombie?" Maybe the bigger question is ... Detroit, when did we start calling it "soda?" (I always called it pop — much to the annoyance of my East Coast family. "'Pop' sounds like a freakin' drug," they would tease. But it is a drug, Aunt Eileen!)