Words to revive in 2015



Last week, we offered a list of 101 words we'd like to hear less of in 2015. It's a fun exercise, a way to get fired up about the stupid words people use, misuse, and abuse.

But here's something we hadn't counted on. A group at Wayne State University called "Word Warriors" has come up with a list of seldom-used words they'd like to see back in circulation. It includes "philistine," "rapscallion," and "obambulate" (it has nothing to do with Obama). Not all of them may be ready for prime time, but instead of telling people what words not to use, this group is doing the good word of spreading knowledge. Plus, their list is fun, including one of our favorite words: "flapdoodle," which sounds like something served in a hipster breakfast joint. (Words for nonsense are great fun. We'd also nominate "bunk," "poppycock," "balderdash," and "claptrap.")

See the full list here