Calling all artists: 'Door of Opportunity' seeks artists to turn old doors into art for upcoming Thumbs Up Detroit conference



Detroit artists seem to love using found objects (hello, Tyree Guyton), so you guys will probably love an exhibition at the upcoming Thumbs Up Detroit conference that gives local creatives a chance to network by transforming old doors into works of art. It's a "Door of Opportunity" ... get it? 

The three-day conference, to be held March 12-14, 2015, aims to showcase a "true slice of Detroit, its people, its culture, its vision, and its vast opportunities." The conference is seeking visual artists to come up with concepts to transform old doors into works of art. In addition to visual artists, the conference is also looking for musicians, filmmakers, and other performers to participate in the conference as well.

More information is available here. The deadline to submit concepts is Jan. 17 ... so hit that drawing board, Detroit!