Escape a room with a zombie



Ah, room escape adventures. As we noted before, they may not be taking the world by storm, but there are more of them all the time. In October, we noted that a room escape adventure was taking up residence in Ferndale, and described the experience. It's a kind of participatory drama, somewhat like those murder mystery scenarios you might find yourself roped into as part of a corporate team-building exercise or an offbeat date night. 

But this new entry, from Escape Plans LLC, asks participants to figure out how to exit a room with a zombie. Hence the name Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. The trapped people have one hour to figure out how to get out of the room, because every five minutes the chain gets a foot longer, and the zombie gets that much closer to eating your brain.

Needless to say, the zombie, the escape narrative, and any and all brain-eating are completely fictional. 

Curious? Want to give it a try? See the endeavor's website by clicking here