NYT highlights Wayne State police efforts in Midtown


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The New York Times has a lengthy profile this week on Wayne State University's police department, and how its efforts have aided the Detroit Police Department in patrolling the city's Midtown district. From NYT:

For years, calling 911 in Detroit has been a gamble. The average response time to the highest-priority calls stretched sometimes to nearly an hour. Wayne State’s department promises a 90-second response to calls within its territory.

Nefertiti Harris, the owner of Textures, a beauty salon, recalled the afternoon she spotted a man rifling through cars parked outside her store. “I bolted out of the salon, and he ran down the street,” she said. “Then I called Wayne State. They were there within two minutes. Five minutes later, they had him.”

Of the 1,362 arrests made in Midtown last year, over 60 percent were made by WSU officers, according to NYT