Behold, the selfies of the Mackinac Policy Conference


Were you keen on attending this year's Mackinac Policy Conference — the SXSW of Michigan policy wonks — but just couldn't pony up the nearly $3,000 in registration fees?

We weren't either!

But if you were dying to "network" with the biggest movers and shakers of Michigan politics and media on a secluded island far away from Detroit, here's the next best thing: Mackinac Selfie Conference, a handy Tumblr that rounds up some of the best social media moments of the riveting conference.

With the four-day conference underway, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy these selfies, gratuitous use of hashtags, and references to mild alcoholism.

Here's some of our favorites so far, with the Mackinac Selfie Conference editor's (editor's?) commentary below: