Bloomfield Township politics gone wild: Treasurer accuses supervisor of kidnapping his daughter


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It may be hard to imagine, but the political dynamics in Bloomfield Township are something to behold, if dysfunctional governance is your kind of thing. The township's treasurer and supervisor beef constantly. (For some background, start here.) 

The rift continued this week, as treasurer Dan Devine has accused supervisor Leo Savoie of kidnapping his daughter, according to a report in the Birmingham Eccentric.

The callout was bizarre, according to Savoie, because he didn't know Devine had a daughter. "I was stunned when I first heard that my name came up," Savoie told reporter Jay Grossman. More from the Eccentric:

A simmering feud between the two officials reached new heights after a police report surfaced in which Devine told investigators he thought Savoie was somehow responsible for his 24-year-old daughter's disappearance on May 1.

The woman was quickly found, but the incident has left a number of township officials puzzled over why Devine ever considered Savoie a possible suspect.

Township clerk Jan Roncelli perhaps put things best, telling the newspaper, "I talked to Dan about the incident and personally, I don't know how he came to that conclusion."

She concluded, "I'm very perplexed over the whole thing."