This Detroit student's response to bad adult behavior is perfect


  • Screengrab / Fox 2

On Monday, a brawl broke out at an event at Burns elementary and middle school on Detroit's west side — leading to the arrest of five and an abrupt end to the event, which included back-to-school supplies and inflatable bouncers.

Fox 2 interviewed bystander 11-year-old Dariona Mike-Fossett, whose wise-beyond-her-years comments have gone viral. A fragment of the segment has has earned more than 120,000 shares on Facebook since it originally aired Monday evening.

Dariona's comments are below:

"You are supposed to be role models toward us. And you want us to act good but you're acting the fool."

"So many people fight for no reason and then it influences on kids in school. And then they start fighting and the next thing you know, all us going to be in jail because we see other people doing it."

"They keep on telling us we the next generation, we gotta do good. But we watch ya'll and ya'll not doing nothinh with yourselves. So if you want us to be good, you better set an example for us."

If this girl represents the next generation, we may very well be in good hands.

Watch the full segment below, or over at Fox 2: