Here's more proof that Detroit's Navin Field should be preserved as a green space


If you've spent any time on the MT News Hits blog, you'll know we're big fans of Detroit's Navin Field, past and present. You'll also know we have some pretty strong feelings about preserving the sacred Corktown grounds and its green space, especially in light of others — ahem, Detroit Police Athletic League — and their push to strip the field of its natural grass and install artificial turf.

Thanks to YouTuber Tony Leja, we offer you today this unique bird's eye view of Navin Field in all its grassy glory and beg you to consider the question — would this footage be nearly as impressive or meaningful if it were of plastic grass and crumb rubber tires?

As Leja points out, "Playing, standing where the baseball greats played, on the grass, is authentic. Putting in Astro-turf, well to me, makes it just another field."

Watch below: