One more day to donate money that will keep Detroiters in their homes



The good people behind Keep Our Homes Detroit are raising a pot of money that will do a great deal of good.

The problem the group hopes to help address is "the largest mass tax foreclosure crisis in U.S. history." As organizer point out on their Gofundme page, "up to 8,000 occupied Detroit homes Detroit will sell for an estimated average bid of $2,400 at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Auction of Tax-Foreclosed Properties." If the group can raise money to put in bids on these homes, they can help a great many people who'd be heading into the holidays homeless. These are people who've toughed it out when many had written the city off. Now that parts of the city are showing signs of improved economic life, it's a shame to lose those stubborn residents who helped hold the fabric of the city together.

As one organizer said on the page, "We actually think that public entities intentionally hiding from folks their right to income-based tax exemptions and evicting families from their homes (just before winter, no less) for inflated taxes based on incorrectly assessed home values is criminal. .... This project helps to bridge the gap between what's needed and what's available, and does so in a way that's sustainable and transformational."

Like it? Want to help? Online donations close Thursday, Oct. 22. Click here to donate or share online.