We're No. 1 ... in renter households threatened with eviction



As Detroiters know, we often end up at the head of a whole lot of lists. The problem is, those are often rundowns of the most troubled cities in America. Of course, post-bankruptcy, the international press has been quick to proclaim the city's new gleam, but the fact remains that only some parts of the city have a fresh shine, and most of the city is mired in the misery of poverty.

This little news burst from Bloomberg is typical in that regard. Notice how the actual news item is reporting on Baltimore, and the fact that Detroit tops the list is regarded as an afterthought, if at all. It's almost as if we're supposed to be there, and the surprise is reserved for that struggling East Coast city. 

Still, it serves a valuable service. Like Anna Clark's piece, which we linked to earlier today, it shows a less upbeat side of the city that's at odds with the "rebirth" narrative. In short, it provides a dose of reality. And maybe something to think about as we approach winter, the holidays, and the worst possible time to lose one's home.