WXYZ documentary looks at the toll of Detroit gun violence


  • Metro Times archive

It is a familiar story, too familiar. Another shooting. Another innocent victim caught in the crossfire of the gun violence that plagues Detroit’s neighborhoods and presents an inescapable contrast to the stories of redevelopment and revitalization spreading from Downtown into Midtown, Corktown, and other fortunate neighborhoods.

No one knows the story quite like the people who report these shootings every day on the evening news. Now one Detroit news anchor is taking a deeper look at what happens when the stories fade from the headlines, leaving victims to live with lifelong consequences.

WXYZ’s Aaron Baskerville and his crew produced a short documentary, Beyond the Bullet, that takes a deeper look at the emotional, physical, and psychological consequences of gun violence. Tackling the issue through the eyes of victims and their families, including a wheelchair-bound 9 year old girl who was paralyzed by a stray bullet when out riding her bike in her neighborhood, gives the headlines heart wrenching human context.

You can watch the moving 26 minute digital exclusive at WYXZ Beyond the Bullet.