Detroit legend Gordie Howe passes away


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Can we please stop losing all these fantastic sports legends, please?

We all gasped as we learned in the news room that Red Wings legend Gordie Howe passed away at the age of 88. Howe has had health issues in the recent years due to a stroke back in 2014. 

Gordie Howe was nicknamed "Mr. Hockey" and there are plenty of reasons to why he deserved such a fitting title. Howe led the Red Wings to four Stanley Cup titles during his 25 years as a player for the team. He was even named NHL All-Star 23 times during his career. So yeah, it's safe to say he was quite the badass.

Red Wings fans have an enormous love for Gordie Howe so this one is going to be a tough on for the devoted fandom. Many fans look up to Howe as the superstar and ultimate legend of the Detroit Red Wings. He will be sadly missed.