Some sick f*ck put a razor blade in a tootsie roll and the cops are investigating


Tootsie rolls, without razor blades. - SHUTTERSTOCK
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  • Tootsie rolls, without razor blades.

Man, can't we just get through one holiday without some scumbag ruining it for everyone else?

MLive is reporting that a sharp piece of metal was found inside a child's Halloween candy in the small village of Wellson in Manistee County.


Yeah, Ron Weasley. We're equally confused/concerned as you are.

Apparently, a razor blade was cut to fit inside an unsuspecting tootsie roll and the parent found it after a night of trick-or-treating.

Police are trying to replicate the child's route from trick-or-treating in order to find the person who thought this was okay to do.

Clearly the person who did this was trying to harm a young child, but they failed to recognize that tootsie rolls are clearly an adult candy. The parents found the razor and not the kid. Nice try, scumbag.