Michael Moore's predictions for Trump's presidency: take the man seriously


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In a lengthy interview with Variety, Michael Moore has made it pretty clear about what he thinks will happen when Donald Trump takes office: all the promises he made will come true.

Moore told the magazine that he has always taken Trump seriously since he announced his candidacy. "You do have to take Trump at his word. I still hear people say, “Oh, he’s not really going to build the wall.” Oh, he is going to build it. He knows that he’s got to deliver at least a version of the wall."

Moore also believes that Trump will really try to ban Muslims from entering the country. "He’s going to get away with it by making it a ban on Muslims who come from the following countries. He needs just enough cover for his crowd to say, “Oh, he’s being reasonable there. He’s not banning all Muslims.”

Unfortunately, Moore's predictions on Trump have been pretty spot on. Back in July, Moore wrote an essay detailing why Trump would win the election. He was eerily spot on.

On a more positive note, Moore did tell the magazine that he was feeling a lot more energized since the election ended, saying, "I’ve taken him literally and seriously since day one. That’s why I’ve been able to be active and energized since the election."