Roseville man ticketed for warming up car in driveway loses case


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Remember that guy from Roseville who posted a photo on Facebook of a ticket he received for warming up his car in his own driveway? Mind you, this happened back in January in the dead of winter.

The Facebook post went viral and the city of Roseville received criticism on why leaving your car running in a private driveway would warrant a ticket.

Turns out, the city of Roseville has an ordinance against leaving your car running while unattended. Reports also note that Taylor Trupiano, the man who got the ticket, ran inside to help his girlfriend and her 2-year-old son get to the car.

After hearing all that, Judge Marco Santia backed up the cop who gave the citation, noting that Trupiano's car was accessible to the public and "I think it was reasonable the officer issued the ticket."


Seriously, Roseville? Look, I get that a rule is a rule, but you're really going to make this guy pay $128 because he was trying to be a nice guy and warm his car up for his girlfriend and her son? Your cops don't have better things to do than give out absurd citations?

Well, we suppose that you've been warned, citizens of Roseville. Just think twice come this summer and it's 90 degrees out and you want to cool down your car before you get on in.