City of Detroit waives metered parking until Christmas


  • image courtesy of Twitter user dkevrafox2
REJOICE! Santa came early and he brought free parking!

The City of Detroit announced Friday that they have lifted parking enforcement from now until Tuesday, Dec. 26.

"People are encouraged to use the opportunity to visit many of the unique businesses and attractions offered in neighborhoods across the city," the press release stated.

What does this mean exactly? Well, for one, free parking citywide anywhere with metered parking. Meters do not need to be fed, nor do you have to enter your information in the ParkDetroit app. Secondly, there will be no parking enforcement detail which means no booting of vehicles with previous infractions.

Though parking has always been free on holidays, the way the holiday falls this year means the stretch of free parking lasts a bit longer. So, celebrate and park like you've never parked before (of course, mind crosswalks, fire hydrants, and like, don't park in the middle of the road).