Cedar Point raises ticket prices, unveils record-breaking coaster this season


Mean Streak replaced with new hybrid coaster "Steel Vengeance" - PHOTO VIA CEDAR POINT
  • Photo via Cedar Point
  • Mean Streak replaced with new hybrid coaster "Steel Vengeance"

Bad news thrill seekers, Cedar Point's hiking adult admission this season.

The iconic Midwest amusement park will open the season on May 5 featuring a new $72 adult ticket price. That's a full $5 increase from last season.

There's a few new additions to the park, including a revamped Mean Streak coaster. The old wooden coaster that introduced many a Michigan youth to "whiplash" was recently converted to the world's first steel-on-wood hybrid coaster.

"Steel Vengeance" (the coaster's new name, lulz) will stand 205 feet at its peak, setting 10 world records, including world's tallest hybrid coaster, world's longest hybrid coaster, and most airtime on any rollercoaster (27.2 seconds).

Cedar Point does offer a break on ticket prices by purchasing online and you can usually get a pretty good deal at Meijer.

Check out the trailer for the new coaster below, which offers way more back story than you would ever want.