Drink Me: Ginger and Clementine Hot Toddie




The best way to weather a Polar Vortex, we're finding out, is with a nice, warm beverage — and preferably a boozy one. Jon Dones, one half of DJ duo Haute to Death, shared this recipe with us for a delicious Ginger and Clementine Hot Toddie which should help pass these cold winter nights.

"Combine 12 oz water with a half ounce of fresh sliced ginger and the rind of one clementine," Dones says.  "Boil that shit as long as it takes you to eat the clementine (unless you do it in one bite, which case, slow your roll, you're gonna choke, homie)."

Heat another 12 oz. of water in a kettle, and put 6 oz. hot water and your choice of bourbon in. "My two bourbons of choice right now are Bulleit Rye and Two James," says Dones. Top it up with your ginger/clementine mix (strained) and dash of cinnamon.

"This makes enough for two," Dones says. "Drink both of them — you're welcome."

Haute to Death's monthly dance party is Saturday, Jan. 18 at  Temple Bar. The art and culture of Haute to Death is the subject of an exhibition at Superchief Gallery in NYC that opens Feb. 20.