Slows BBQ honored for best bacon burger in the U.S.




Photo courtesy of Rmiastk , Flickr Creative Commons

Chefs have been tossing fat, thick slabs of bacon onto burgers for years, making the topping one of the most popular burger add ons in the country. But recently, the folks from Food and Wine magazine scoured the U.S. for the best bacon burgers they could find and compiled a ranking.

Number two on their list? Slows's BBQ bacon

Here's the F&W write-up:

Executive chef and co-owner Brian Perrone was reluctant to put a burger on the menu because he wanted to focus on barbecue. At the insistence of his partners, he came up with a patty-melt-style version topped with smoked Gouda, sweet house-made barbecue sauce, hot-sauce-spiked onions and house-smoked thick-cut bacon. It was an instant hit.

Congrats, Slows!