M1 construction has Midtown Zef's Grill 'locked in'



The construction of M1 rail is causing some unwanted problems for small-business owners up and down Woodward Avenue. One place that's really feeling the squeeze is Zef's Midtown Grill, at the corner of Willis and Woodward, on the same block as the Majestic Complex. Owners Val & Kol Gjurashaj say cars simply don't have the access to the restaurant they used to on Woodward Avenue.

"It’s just the construction, really," The Gjurashajes say. "We’re right on Woodward, Willis is completely closed. We're just locked in right now. We have one way: Willis to John R."

While it is a source of frustration to the Gjurashajes, they understand they're not alone, adding "What can you say? This is something all of Woodward is going through."

That said, Midtown motorists looking for a place with a full menu of gyros, chicken, stir-fries, steak hoagies, and more can access Zef's by driving on John R to Willis, then taking Willis to Woodward. There is a small lot behind Zef's that is usually full, but street parking is sometimes available. 

So if you've ever been curious about the fare at Zef's, now would be a good time to sample it. It's important to support these local businesses as they deal with the trials of "progress" — so they can remain in business and reap the rewards the big project promises.

Zef's Midtown Grill is at 4160 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-831-1210; zefsmidtowngrill.com; delivery available.