Hangover cures for Paczki Day



No doubt, tomorrow morning, dozens of revelers in metro Detroit will be reaching for their hangover cures. We've tried collecting them over the years. The best, of course, is to inhale pure oxygen. Since that's seldom at hand, we like to take a pre-emptive strategy: A full tumbler of cold water, two aspirin (not ibuprofen!), and a very hot bath before bed. The goal is to sweat out the booze and flush your system with H20. We believe it softens that morning hangover.

A gal from Ann Arbor once told us a good preemptive tactic she heard from her Irish grandmother. You put salt into the beer. Every time you have a beer, you put a little shake of salt into it. Perhaps it makes you crave water, so you'll be sure to not just drink beer, but that's just a theory.

A guy we met at a Hamtramck bar named Ethan Sallee of Bloomington, Ind., said, "I like to take a pint glass of water and put maybe about half soda water in there for a little extra sodium content and half regular water. Squeeze a whole lemon into it. Put about a fucking shot of bitters in it; angostura is fine. Bitters are a tincture anyways and were used as an herbal remedy and contain Lord knows how many different types of herbs. That’s gonna help your stomach for sure. That being said, squeeze half a lemon in there and get some vitamin C back in your system. Then I lick my other hand and absolutely cover it in salt, as if I were taking a tequila shot. And then lick all the salt and drink all the water and you’re good to go."

OK, so there's two preventatives, one curative. Any other ideas? Let us know!