Try this brand new brew at Bavarian Festival this weekend


Grab your lederhosen, don't forget your beer stein — Bavarian Festival 2015 is happening this weekend in Frankenmuth. Do you know what that means? It means bratwurs t, plump handmade pretzels, and beer.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Frankenmuth Brewery tapped a limited release of a brand new brew that will only be available at Bavarian Festival and the brewery's tap room, according to the brewery's communications director, Scott Lorenz. 

The dunkelweizen, a dark wheat ale, is being called Bavarian Brunette, after the brewery held a naming contest. According to a release, Vassar native Mathew Bierlein submitted the winning name. It was inspired by his wife Mindy who was named Bavarian Princess at the festival ten years ago.  

According to Lorenz, there's no plan to bottle and distribute the beer, but it will see a very limited release throughout southeast Michigan. However, at this time there is no list of bars where the beer will be available.