Timmy's Tacos head to Corktown for Dos Jaimes release


  • Photo by Serena Maria Daniels
Hamtramckans know and love Tim Lampinen for his punk rock band, Timmy's Organism, his laugh (it's really more of a thunderous cackle) and of course, his street food-style tacos. Well, come Friday, his tacos will play a supporting role in the reveal of Two James' Dos Jaimes Mezcal Joven reveal at the Corktown distillery. Described as a "young, artisan-made mezcal made in the traditional style" that's "fermented in small wooden vats and double-distilled in copper pot alembics," the Detroit-based distillery says it partnered up with Pierde Almas of Oaxaca to add this limited edition spirit to its already respectable lineup.

The release fiesta will feature piƱatas, a mariachi band and Lampinen's offerings. On the menu: chuck roast with poblano chili peppers and marinated pollo asado.

This is a big deal for the rocker. Though his tacos enjoy a pretty strong cult following, it's been mostly confined to the Hamtramck city limits in dive bars like the Painted Lady and currently at Kelly's Bar. This time around, he'll be much closer to the Mexicantown border, where he first developed his love for the cuisine. Two days ahead of the event, he tells us he's excited to introduce his food to a wider audience.

Who knows, maybe when his rock 'n roll days are over, we'll be seeing a Timmy's Tacos truck, or better yet, a brick and mortar spot, where hipsters from all over Metro Detroit can get down on his comida... We say, orale (which roughly translates to hell yeah) to that.