The Whitney adds an Absinthe Room to its offerings



Detroit's Whitney restaurant is something of a spooky treasure. The historic home turned upscale dining destination is known for getting as many rave reviews as it is turning out supernatural stories. The place's third-story Ghost Bar is evidence the staff embrace its eerie nature. The point is, while the Whitney is super swanky, it's still a fun place to go. And the Ghost Bar is the perfect to grab a drink and enjoy the environs if you're not really willing or able to go in for a full-on fancy dinner. 

And now, the Ghost Bar has something of a sibling. The Absinthe Room, also found on the third floor, has opened. A once-illegal potable, Absinthe has a reputation for having mind-altering and hallucinatory affects. Artists and writers like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde, and Ernest Hemingway are all said to have enjoyed the wormwood-based beverage from time to time. Modern Absinthe is, of course, now modified and legalized, but the aperitif still has a folkloric reputation.

Inside the Absinthe Room guests can sample several varieties Wednesday through Saturday evening and during Sunday brunch a Hemingway-inspired champagne and Absinthe cocktail will be available.