Recipe: Gold Cash Gold's Gin Pill Chill is the perfect Memorial Day (and summertime) cocktail


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It appears the wet and mild spring is mostly behind us which means it's time to pack away the slow cookers and casserole dishes and trade in the stews for gazpacho.

Likewise, the stouts, Spanish coffees or mulled wines that are the perfect antidote for wintertime chills just don't hold the same appeal as you start to wear white. Fortunately, Gold Cash Gold's new head bartender, Troy Fox, developed his Gin Pill Chill, which serves as the perfect antidote to the summertime swelter. He was kind enough to share the recipe with us. It serves four, or is perfect for filling the thermos for an afternoon on Belle Isle's beach.

Gin Pill Chill

6 oz London dry gin
2 oz cocchi americano
3 oz fresh lime juice
3 oz fresh cucumber juice
2 oz basil syrup
4 oz coconut water
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