Cookin' the blues


Detroit mag Big City Blues (which about a year ago expanded the scope of its coverage from a Midwest regional magazine to become a journal of our entire "one nation under the blues") is keeping the blues flame alive this month by cooking it up on the stove. The Oct.-Nov. ish is dedicated to the food that feeds the blues. Soul food, that is.

And this is no mere gimmick wherein they sell you on the cover only to offer a handful of generic recipes inside, either. Besides the revelation that blues queen Koko Taylor lists among her favorite restaurants McDonald’s and Shoney’s, we find ruminations on the magical food-music-dance-drink confluence from Music Menu owner Rick Pinkerton. Reading farther on, you’ll find soul food, blues food and seemingly damn tasty recipes from more than three dozen blues and R&B luminaries: From Shemekia Copeland’s "Turn the Heat Up Chili" to "Alberta Adams’ Greens" to fasting and vegetarian advice from Chicago bluesman Jimmie Lee "Lonesome Traveler" Robinson, you get a taste for the blues palette. (Our favorite is "Rufus Thomas’ Funky Grits.")

And, for dessert, Big City serves up its bimonthly platter of 30-plus record and book reviews, and scene reports that survey the blues world with the gusto of a true gourmand. Bon appétit!

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