Some Brooklyn-based barber shop is opening in Midtown


Folks, if you're sick of people saying Detroit is the new Brooklyn, we urge you to quickly close this tab. Some Brooklyn-based barber shop chain is set to open their fifth franchise in Midtown next week. According to a press release the address will be 441 West Canfield, which means it'll be a neighbor to Shinola and Willy's. 

The shop, called Fellow Barber, says it's a part of a "collective" that is credited with the renaissance of traditional barber shops. Furthermore, they added in a press release, "Fellow Barber will be an interesting addition to the emerging downtown Detroit landscape." 

Can you hear our eyes rolling?

The Manual wrote this little ditty about it. Right from the very first sentence, we're annoyed. 

If you're looking for a hip and trendy Detroit-based barber shop, check out Social Club Grooming, which can be found on Wayne State's campus or Cream Barber and Shop in Wyandotte. Have a traditional barber shop that you love? Tell us about it.