Random Acts of Kindness Day is Tuesday, which is also Paczki Day


Random Acts of Kindness Day is a thing and it's on Tuesday, Feb. 17 (which is also Fat Tuesday). It's a day when everyone is supposed to be nice to each other and clean snow off each other's cars and pay for the people behind you in line at Tim Horton's. So, just keep that in mind. Buy somebody some paczki or something. 

Anyway, the people behind the snack company KIND are planning some acts of kindness (although we can't say they're random, since they've already got them planned) across Detroit (including Oakland County, according to a press release.) They'll be committing 24 acts of kindness between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. which will include anything from giving away hats and gloves at the Rosa Parks Transit Station to dropping flowers off at Children's Hospital. 

So, keep on the lookout. You might catch someone doing something nice.